Solana Ape Family Empire

Intro to Baby Ape Empire (BAE)

SAFE releases their 3rd generation: Baby Ape Empire

SAFE Alpha Hub

Alpha Hub & Tools + Education SAFE is a 4-month-old project with a track record of grinding and building no matter what, even during this bear market we believe our vision to come true and will work as hard as needed to achieve our goals! We are releasing our first big and original artwork collection with our baby apes (BAE) with the amazing utility to support SOL NFT traders and newcomers.
Outpriced by most top-tier NFT projects? Clueless how all these flippers making gains but you? Not anymore.
  • SAFE will build an Alpha Empire
  • The hosted hub for high-quality information from multiple alpha channels
  • Alpha from buy-in Discords, Alpha from top tier NFT projects
  • Education & Tools on how to do research and invest in projects
One Discord with a low SOL entry to participate and get access to all top-tier information on NFTs. Distribution of trading gains & royalties on top of all the alpha information. Read more info in our Alpha Hub.
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